Digiwear is an augmented reality platform that brings clothing design into the world of digital


We all wear clothing that carries a message, represents a community, identifies with a belief or promotes a brand. Clothing tells a story – and Digiwear brings that story to life.

Digiwear is an AR+ platform that connects your clothing designs, swing tags, packaging and more to exclusive digital content, simply by scanning them with a mobile phone. A new world of digital opportunity awaits.

What can DigiWear do for you?


Connect your customers to your brand with digital content that adds unique value


AR enable your designs with a graphic or video that links to your e-commerce channels.


Allow organisational partners to connect with your brand community through sponsored AR clothing campaigns


Raise awareness of your campaign, charity, or cause by connecting your print designs to an online donation or member registration form.


Set your next competition or giveaway apart with AR-enabled promotional apparel


Add fun to your children’s clothing range by allowing them to scan ‘hidden’ entertainment or collect animals, characters and treasure by scanning.

Download the free Digiwear app from Google Play or the App Store

Digiwear is brought to you by Buttermilk Embroidery and Augmenta